Submit Equalization

Equalization requests for the second semester of academic year 2022/2023. Last day to apply is 2023-02-02


  • Foundation year courses description and transcript must be included.
  • In case there is no course description for any courses, it will not be equalized and student cannot object after results
  • Document scan should be clear, otherwise the request will be rejected. (Please do not use your phone to scandocuments).
  • Equalization only will apply for students who studied in local institutes (universities/colleges)
  • Once apply for equalization request, applicant will get a confirmation SMS within 10 minutes.
  • Initial equalization might take 4 - 10 weeks. Final equalization will be announced in the first 2 weeks of the first and second semesters.
  • Equalization results will be sent to applicant email address.